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crew members

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Traffic control supervisor

*Must be tcs certified


Wages Starting at $18.00 per hour


crew member ($)


This is our entry-level position in the field. Crew Members are responsible for controlling traffic safely through work zones using appropriate equipment and communication. They will assist a Crew Leader in setting up and protecting work zones as well as workers. Crew Members will also be paired with a Crew Leader or Supervisor for on-site training and support. 

crew leader ($$)


Crew Leaders are responsible for setting up basic flagging operations, including all cones and signage in work zones. They actively participate in controlling traffic in work zones. Crew Leaders take the initiative to meet with clients for a pre-job brief as needed and they are responsible for a company vehicle (when assigned), equipment, and a fuel card.

Team Technician ($$$)


The job of the Team Technician (TT) is to ensure the Automated Flagger Assistance Device or devices (AFAD) are properly set-up and taken down at the beginning and end of each work day, to communicate with the proper resources to program the units for operation, and to operate and others to do the same.

The duties of the (TT) are to communicate with the Team Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) the day of or the day before work begins on the placement of the AFAD units and to ensure they are set up properly and operating before the contractor starts work. Placing the proper signage and devices is the responsibility of the (TCS) and (TT) to work together to create a successful, safe, and efficient work zone.

Keeping pedestrians and automobiles from not interfering with the construction project is of the utmost importance. Safety of the workers in the work zone, as well as the safety of those passing through is the responsibility of all our team members at TraffiCorp.


Traffic control supervisor ($$$$)


Crew Supervisors are responsible for setting up basic flagging operations and complex work zones, which may include shifting lanes, merging patterns, and complex intersection work. They assist with TMA, state and city jobs as well as other larger projects. Crew Supervisors actively participate in controlling traffic in work zones, meet with clients for pre-job briefs, and are responsible for a company vehicle (when assigned), equipment, and a fuel card.

Project Manager (DOE)


A Project Manager is a certified Traffic Control Supervisor charged with overseeing a large on-going project. Project Managers, like crew supervisors, may conduct truck inspections and safety observations. In addition they are responsible for submitting daily and weekly reports that help bridge the gap between the office and the field. Project Managers often also offer one-on-one guidance to all crew supervisors, crew leaders and crew members; including identifying an employee’s potential for additional training and promotions.

Senior Project Manager (DOE)


Senior Project Managers are responsible for ongoing improvement of safety policies, procedures and enforcing TraffiCorp’s safety standards. Areas of improvement are identified through safety site visits, incident investigation and Field Employee input. Once opportunities for improvement are identified, the Senior Project Manager works to proactively prevent incident occurrences across all operations. Senior PMs are also used to oversee various ongoing projects when needed (often).

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If you have never worked in the Traffic Control industry before, we are the best choice around. We make our team members feel like family & work with them directly to achieve their goals & make the most of their career at TraffiCorp.

We do have a few qualifications we ask before you decide if this job is right for you. If you think you can handle it, then hit APPLY NOW & start your exciting journey with us to better the communities we live in & roads we drive on.

Requirements include:

  1. Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds repeatedly and the ability to move/travel long distances within work zones.
  2. Possesses strong problem-solving and communication skills to understand specific needs in the work zone.
  3. Ability to read and understand instructions, plans, and maps of work zone locations.
  4. Flexibility to work varying shifts, including nights and some weekends.
  5. Excellent attendance and dependable transportation required.
  6. Valid driver’s license required. ATSSA or Evergreen Flagger Certification
    (We hold certification classes in-house weekly)
  7. No experience necessary! Training and Development will be provided.
  8. Must be 18 years or older