Drive Safe. Work Safe. Save Lives – National Workzone Awareness Week

What is the Awareness for?

This week, and every April 26-30th is an annual spring campaign: National Work Zone Awareness Week, held at the start of construction season to bring awareness for the critical issues of safety in and around work zones on the road. The broad public makes this campaign successful in the effort to inform motorists and work man alike of the need for increased caution through work zones around the country. This time of year and especially in recent times, people are eager to get out and about as weather improves and pandemic lockdowns decrease. Often times, however, some are not eager to slow down in their travels when navigating a work zone or two. Knowing the risks and dangers can help prevent tragic accidents and deaths caused by inattentive driving through road construction sites. 

Why do we need Awareness?

According to the National Workzone Safety Organization, in 2019, fatal crashes across the country totaled 762 with 842 fatalities. Additionally, a total of 135 field worker fatalities were reported. This is a staggering number for just one year and such specific circumstances. 

The fact is, work zones are often deadly. It requires people to change their speed and driving patterns from normal routine, and habits aren’t made in a day. Any change in traffic patterns and routes poses a huge safety risk, particularly when distracted driving is on the rise. Even just a momentary lapse in attention to the road can result in a disastrous consequences for both drivers and field crews. 

Safety means everything to TraffiCorp Field Workers

When you work on the daily atop and near the roadways as we do, its crucial to keep safety at the forefront of our job. With services spread across the Northwest and by working closely with our customers, we’re able to provide a wide range of safe operational capabilities. Our goal is to help maintain our nation’s infrastructure, and even more in guiding you safely through a work zone. It takes everyone involved to be vigilant and alert to safely navigate work zones across our roadways. 

How you can participate 

This year, the theme of the campaign is to “Drive Safe. Work Safe. Save Lives”. 

Drive Safe starts with motorists. Commit undivided attention to the road and the route. Avoid construction if you can! Research the route and check GPS for any construction zones that may be in your area of travel. Thankfully, we all have GPS and map apps on our phones to help with this. With that being said, do this BEFORE you go so your device isn’t a distraction. Keep alert to roadside signs (Orange is to get your attention!) and follow them. Slow down, and if you must pass through a work zone, keep eyes up and make visual contact with flaggers. Behind the wheel, it’s not just your own life you could risk. 

Work Safe by taking time to prepare for the work shift at the beginning of the day. Review safety procedures and stay alert to surroundings. Our people go through extensive training throughout their job, and prior to being promoted to ensure we not only meet state standards for traffic control but exceed them. There is much to watch out for! Employment of technology also plays a vital role in keeping crews safe by collecting data and offering automated processes, keeping workers safer by removing them from dangerous positions and also more information for drivers. It’s important to us, that our safety culture spans job sites and merges with our everyday lives. Work zone safety starts with us!

Save Lives! It takes everyone doing their part collectively to be safe and stay safe through road construction! 
Check out other ways you can participate this week in raising awareness for work zone safety!