Taste of Spokane: Local Dining You Can Still Enjoy

These days, restaurants have had to become quite creative in following the guidelines put in place by Washington Government for their patrons to remain safe and have the most enjoyable dining experience possible. Changing guidelines require everyone to adapt and remain both flexible and gracious. 

Still, for many citizens and travelers in the area, experiencing restaurant food itself is still a sought-after experience. For some who find exhilaration with new experiences, outdoor dining may not seem all too inconveniencing despite our winter conditions! For others, take out menus and delivery have become highly valued services for both restaurant owners and customers. As we are seeing, many people are still happy to get out of the house for a couple of hours to enjoy a tasty meal. 

In anycase, here are some great local restaurants to check out; whether you take-out, dine out, or possibly dine in!  

Taste of India

Craving some savory, unique, and exquisite flavors? Taste of India is a great option just for that along with a wondrous atmosphere. Check out their social media to keep tabs on what’s current for dining options. 

Frank’s Diner

Elegant presidential railcar dining, delectable food from scratch, what isn’t to delight in?! Keep in touch via social media about current dining options.

D. Lish’s Hamburgers

Cooked-to-order, good ole fashioned burgers are always a hit. Convenient online ordering for curbside and drive-thru available! Check out social media for current dining options. 


Voted best fine-dining of 2020 by the Inlander! Fine dining with elegance and riverside views, you don’t have to miss out with To-Go online ordering and curbside pick-up. Keep tabs on social media for updated dining options. 

Lost Boy’s Garage

Comfort food with a family vibe, enjoy online ordering, and even select delivery! Keep up to date on dining options via social media.

Allie’s Vegan Pizzeria & Cafe

A great place for tasty vegan options, online ordering and delivery is available to keep you satiated! Stay up to date through their social media.

Hello Sugar Donuts

With several locations around Spokane, enjoy some sweet treats but “do-nut” forget about online ordering, delivery, and even custom orders and merchandise shipping! Visit their site for specific location menus. Check in with social media for updates along with giveaways and specials!

Tom Sawyer Country Coffee

Special and unique coffee offerings can’t be passed up. Online purchase options, cold brew, and just good coffee. 

The Onion Bar & Grill

A classic favorite of Spokane residents and tourists alike! Order Online by selecting your location and select pick-up or delivery. Visit their social media for updates about dining options.

The Melting Pot

Another classic in the area, prime pick for this time of year as well! Online ordering is available and there is a special going for Valentines Day Weekend packages! Dine into social media for updates about table openings and Valentines’ specials.

Cole’s Gluten Free Restaurant and Bakery

A delicious option for those with gluten intolerances, this bakery is sure to please and get you coming back for more! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, online ordering is an option with pick-up through the drive-thru! Follow on Facebook for updates and specials.

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