7 Scenic Fall Drives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Without properly maintained roads and bridges we wouldn’t be able to enjoy North Idaho living as we do now. As a traffic control company invested in making sure you have the best and safest roads in your community, here are some great scenic drives for you to experience more of what North Idaho and its people have to offer. 

Coeur d Alene to Higgins point boat launch
A short drive to and from Higgins point has been a local favorite for years, with its lake view drive the entire way, and awesome sunset views, it’s the true North Idaho living. Along your way, you’ll find Tony’s On The Lake an Italian restaurant voted very highly by locals their outdoor dining experience is one of a kind and their service is also top-notch. As you make your way to Higgins you’ll drive parallel with the Centennial Trail which is a 900-mile long scenic trail through Idaho where you might see walkers, runners, and cyclists. or people sitting on the benches enjoying the breathtaking views of Coeur d Alene Lake. The drive is a great way to enjoy conversing with your passengers or to have some quiet time enjoying the incredible North Idaho Life.
Total drive time is 24 min


A drive around Hayden Lake
winding roads to see cabins, wildlife, lake views, mountains, It doesn’t matter if you’re on a scooter, motorcycle, or car. This drive is fun! Top speed around the lake is 25mph so you can enjoy the views and not get car sick also. Hayden Lake is a popular fishing lake offering a fun opportunity to fish for both cold-water and warm-water fish species. Salmon, trout, northern pike, sunfish, crappie, perch, and bass. Also, Stop by The Porch restaurant on your way through for dinner they offer some great food. Voted highly by locals.
1.5 hour overall trip


Fernan Saddle Loop
This Fernan Saddle Loop is the utlimate breath of fresh air ride, with the cooler mountain air and forest smells this is a fun slow ride in the mountains. You’ll leave town at the end of Sherman Ave, follow Fernan Lake around all the way up until you reach a big open parking lot with multiple roads leading off in different directions. That is called the saddle. Follow your GPS from there and don’t forget to stop along the way and enjoy the mountain views.
1.5 hour overall trip


Upriver Drive to Idaho State Line
Roll down the windows and turn up the music to your favorite band or artist and feel the sunshine on your face with this short ride the back way to Postfalls from Coeur d Alene. What makes this ride special is if you take a quick stop at the Postfalls damn you can take in the powerful rushing waters that flow into Spokane Washington.
1 hour overall trip


Coeur d’Alene to Harrison
Set aside some time to take this trip because there are some fun things to do! Your first stop should be to the gas station at the end of Sherman close to I-90. Grab some snacks and drinks or bring some from home. Because there is a hike on this drive if you choose to do it. Its called the Mineral Ridge Scenic Area and National Recreation Trail. The 3.3-mile trail was the first BLM (Bureau of Land management) recreation site developed in Idaho in 1963. If you can do it, the views are incredible at the top. Next you’ll continue on by passing around Blue Creek Bay a place boaters go to for relaxing. As you’re driving, you’ll pass by (kind of without knowing) Coeur d Alene’s first and only zip line called Timberline Adventures. Coeur d’Alene’s #1 rated outdoor adventure with 7-World Class Zip-lines, 2 Breathtaking Sky Bridges and 2 thrilling Auto-Belays and a Treehouse suspended 30 Feet in the air. Definitely need to book this aventure. Keep on your journey and you’ll run into Hutton’s General store, This is a must stop place. The pickled canning items are incredible and stop for a sandwich or ice cream. Its all good. Hours very depending on the season so double check that you can make it when they’re open.Enjoy the rest of your scenic drive by ending up in Harrison, Idaho where you can get dinner and The Cycle Haus Bikes and Brews or sit by the waters edge and take in the sunset with a home packed picnic.
3.5 hour overall trip with all stops


Coeur d Alene to Embers by the Lake Restraunt 
If you like food with a view you’ll love Embers, with lots of outdoor seating, a big lawn, yard games, a fire pit, and more. You arrive hungry and leave satisfied. The drive around the lake is short and quite nice before or after dinner.
30 minute drive out to Embers from Coeur d Alene.


Coeur d Alene to Hope, Idaho
This drive has many things it offers, From shopping in downtown Sandpoint, ID, to eating at the Old Ice House in Hope, ID. You don’t want to miss this drive. As you approach Hope, ID you’ll see Warren Island along with Cottage Island and Pearl Island on the huge Lake Pend Oreille. The best time to see them is when the sun is setting. They make for an incredible background. The islands remind us of the San Juan Islands in Washington another beautiful place in the Northwest.If you decide to eat at the Old Ice House get pizza and a glass of wine if you choose. The view is stunning. The upstairs patio is the PLACE to be!
Overall drive time 2 hours and 40 min from Coeur d Alene to Hope and back.