We don’t go with the flow; we control it

With over 4 Million miles of roads in the United states needing to be maintained and 273.6 million registered vehicles on the on the roads today.

There is an overwhelming need for managing the safety of our road maintenance operations.

Needless to say, the traffic management industry is here to stay.
And we are proud to announce offering our full services into Spokane, Washington, and surrounding areas.
That’s right, TraffiCorp is in your neighborhood folks.

While we’ve been perfecting our craft and service in Idaho for 20+ years we know the communities of Washington will benefit greatly from our traffic control services. Offering a full sign shop, custom field-specific traffic control plans, large highway operations, sidewalk closures, detours, and simple lane closures we offer all traffic management needs.

Using the latest technologies to maintain our position as leaders in traffic control; experts in safety.
We are here, excited to serve YOU!